Tuesday, May 31, 2016

late for school

for the first time ever this school year,
little bb said he wasn't well enough for school.

after some back and forth,
i ended up taking him back to school later in the morning
as he insisted on going back to school.

by the time we arrived at school, it was already lunch time....
so we went straight to the chapel to join his classmates for lunch...

he seemed well and quickly settled down....

i stayed around a bit to make sure he was alright before i left...
while next to him, i got lots of questions from his classmates

"are you a teacher?"
"are you a class helper?"
"are you a lunch time helper?"
"why is andre late today?"
"why is he sick?"

some of the kids recognized me and kept waving at me and calling me...

it was a very rushed morning (not to mention very worried)
but seeing little bb feeling better
and interacting with his classmates 
made the grey clouds go away.

Monday, May 30, 2016

show & tell

the last show & tell of the school year.......
kids can choose their own topic this round...

i banned anything that has to do with superheroes (*laugh*)
the whole year has been about superheroes whenever little bb was free to decide...

this round, i just have to step in!

and so, this is what he settled for...
to him, the second best thing next to superheroes!

he wanted to talk about millennium falcon and droids
together, we googled and read the books at home...
i outlined R2-D2 and C-3PO for him to color and add glitter
somotu helped with printing out millennium falcon, han solo and chewie...

when he came home from school the next day, 
i asked how was it..

what did you talk about?
"millennium falcon can carry a max of 6 people"
"chewie and han solo fly in it"
"it has laser beams and protective shield"
"it can carry heavy things"
"R2-D2 and C-3PO are good friends"

what did your friends think of your show & tell?
what about the girls?  do they like it?
"yes" (cuz usually girls don't like boys' topics and vice versa)
"i got a question from them"
"gabriel raised his hand and asked me a question"
yes (very curious)
"he asked if i like C-3PO"
kids.... they are so cute........

boys talk

little bb chit-chatting with his classmate......

this boys talk thing is the cutest little thing i must say
and it started shortly after this school year started last year...

there would be little notes with scribbling:
"what is your phone number?"
"my number is #@($*&(#, what is yours?"
"what is your mommy's number?"
in little bb's school bag

at first, i didn't really pay attention to them
and little bb didn't seem to care about them 

but as he got more of these,
it became clear that whoever wrote the notes really wanted the number...
and so i wrote our number on these little notes for little bb to bring back to school

ever since, 
little bb would receive phone calls from his classmates
and talk about "things" 
like the free trial of the online reading game coming to an end,
where they should go on the weekends,
what the boys are doing at home now,
and even sleepovers! (this never happened *laugh*)...

little bb would also call the mobile number of his classmates' mommies..
which sometimes i wasn't fast enough to stop him
(for worrying that he would be disturbing the other mommies)

it is really interesting watching him walking around the house,
lying on the sofa,
while talking over the phone
chit-chatting like an adult.

it's really the cutest thing!

Sunday, May 29, 2016

happy sunday

the weather has been very strange lately
one day it would be sunny
the next day would be rainy
then followed by a typhoon

so we thought today's weather wasn't going to be great for outdoor fun

as it turned out,
the weather was very good
(maybe too good...  too sunny and hot!)

little bb had loads of fun with new friends
despite being soaked under the sun...

for me,
the highlight of the day was all about star wars (my childhood favorite)...

a star wars kid's meal....
darth vader and stormtrooper jello
millennium falcon crab meat cake
served on a star wars plate!

and a little surprise from my latte!
(though i couldn't have it all to myself...
as the two boys wanted some of it

Saturday, May 28, 2016

"mami help!"

save me from the kissing machine
it is attacking me again!

he said:

Friday, May 27, 2016

a typhoon day

around 6am this morning, i was woken up by a louder-and-firmer-than-the-usual-just-woke-up-voice.
"wake up mami...." said somotu
huhhhhhh???  i said
"preparatory is considered as kindergarten right?" said somotu
with a woken-up-by-surprise-and-therefore-slightly-irritated-mind,
i said "yeah... so???"
"no school!
it's typhoon no.3!"

i quickly grabbed my phone and look for updates from the mommies' chat room
and yes, no school indeed.

and from there onward, it started our unexpected day off....

i had planned a few things for myself to do today awhile ago
including a cooking class

i didn't want to leave little bb behind when i would be out for most part of the day...
so my itinerary was re-arranged...
including bringing little bb to the cooking class...

little bb was very excited about the class and kept asking if he could help out...
as it turned out,
he wasn't allowed to come close to the cooking table for safety reasons...
so he was asked to keep a distance 
and he had to entertain himself with coloring and reading
(lucky i packed these books for him)

he was very good....  did coloring and reading and looking up to see what steps i was up to... 

my plan was to have the cooked set as our lunch after the class
but then somotu texted me and asked if we would be delivering what i have cooked to him for lunch!?

so another change of plan again....

little bb and i quickly grabbed some containers from the supermarket nearby and packed our
just-cooked-lunch (apart from the soup) to daddy!

oh and this is what i learned to cook in class:  oyakodon set

timing was just right when the class ended...
we took the mtr to central to meet up with daddy....

delivering lunch to somotu was something i have never done before
and not to mention
- delivering lunch to him together with little bb?!
- me cooking?!
- delivering lunch cooked by me?!!!
- sharing the lunch amongst the three of us while standing in the lobby of a commercial building in central?!!!!

i must say it is a very funny, unbelievable and yet cute little experience for us!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Wednesday, May 25, 2016


this lolly gives me giggles.......

giggling about a 5 year old boy licking it
on one fine afternoon
asking his mami
"why it tastes so strange mami?"

without blinking her eyes,
mami took the pen
and told the sweet-graving boy that 
it is not a real lolly.

....  total disappointment in the boy's eyes.

even a yet-to-be-2-month-old can figure this one out!


Tuesday, May 24, 2016

little bb - little milestones

two of the things i wanted to accomplish during my maternity leave
is for little bb to learn how to use chopsticks and to tie shoe laces...

we kept putting off the chopstick thing out of convenience....
finally, last saturday,
little bb had to use the big people's chopsticks as we forgot to bring his baby ones...
and "ding" - just like that,
he was able to eat his bowl of noodles (though clumsy)!

we considered that a done thing...

as such, we moved on to the next goal....
somotu showed him a few times
and seems like little bb can handle it...

we will keep "testing" him in the coming days
to make sure he doesn't "forget" - a term that he uses "conveniently" (when he couldn't think of any other excuses) these days!

2 months old!

Monday, May 23, 2016

baby blues

for the past two months,
i didn't feel like doing anything,
i didn't really want to see people,
i didn't feel good about anything (including myself)...
energy level was the lowest ever....

looking at my boys,
i am telling myself i need to gather myself.....

Sunday, May 22, 2016

the tooth fairy.. forgotten

little bb lost his second tooth tonight...
it happened during my shower
just like his first loose tooth...

both times, i hear "mami!!!!!'
and next thing i knew,
i was jumping out from the shower...

to our surprise,
he was calm and composed both times...
despite of all the blood with his second loose tooth tonight...

guess he must be very proud and eager to show off to his friends next morning!

i meant to do something with the tooth fairy thing / story 
but it just never happened....

oh well, i will just find a nice keepsake box for these little teeth

Friday, May 20, 2016

little bb2

you are not even two months old
but are already seeking all the attention you can...

in between your feeding,
you are awake for longer and longer
wanting to be held
and wanting us to talk to you

whenever we talk to you,
your eyes are wide open, rolling along as we move
as if you understand us
you give us "coo" and "ooo" as if you are really talking to us...

brownie has also started *crying* whenever you cry

sugar is always watching over you
she has this puzzled look whenever she can't find you in your crib

our house is becoming so busy (and noisy)

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Tuesday, May 17, 2016



Saturday, May 14, 2016

Friday, May 13, 2016

"what would you like to be when you grow up?"

and this is his answer to today's fun friday at school.........

i didn't really try to change his mind
as i thought it just for fun....

to go along with it,
i digged out the superhero mask i made for his birthday
used some left over paper to make the captain america shield

i saw pictures of his classmates dressed as pilots, soccer players, doctors, etc...
exchanged by the mommies,
i was like "oh ok....  they must be thinking little bb is really silly"

although i still think it was just for fun...
just in case little bb didn't really realize (and just in case if other kids make fun of him)...  
i told him there's no superhero per se in the real world...

and the answer i kept getting from him was
"but i want to dress as superhero"

just don't say mami didn't tell you!


and secretly, 
i didn't want to tell him what he should be / would be / could be when he grows up...

if i could go back in time,
i would definitely not end up where i am now...
i would study veterinary medicine
i would love to be a vet

if only back then, 
i have a stronger mind,
instead of going for what my family thought would be best for me.

so for you little bb,
i am here to listen to your dreams,
to share your passion,
to support you for the ups,
to stand by you for the downs
i will try my best to make your dreams come true..........

my first

my first ever full course cooking class....
tempura with cold soba, steamed egg and apple tea jelly

actually i don't eat tempura
the learning is for little bb as he likes tempura (hmmm.. the shrimps only...)

as i didn't bring any container to bring the food home,
i offered all the tempura to the teacher...

the class must thought i am weird *laugh*

see when i can try to reproduce this at home!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

easter bunny....

got this teenie tiny bunny set for bb2 before his arrival........
and he didn't like it at all...
he must be thinking
"mami, i'm a monkey!  not a bunny!!"
yes... but you arrived around easter..........

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Monday, May 9, 2016

baking fun!

took a baking class with dear joanna today..

it is a chiffon cake ...

little bb couldn't wait to try it
kept asking me could he start eating while i was busy taking pictures...
all photos have his little fingers in them *laugh*

girls who focus on things/food made for their loved ones are most beautiful!

Sunday, May 8, 2016

bb2's first

bb2 first ever outing with the whole family 
(not counting the visit to the hospital for his first month injection)....
to the swimming pool watching little bb swim and play with dadi!

happy mother's day!

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Friday, May 6, 2016

happy friday

A video posted by aileenmotu (@aileenmotu) on

A video posted by aileenmotu (@aileenmotu) on

A video posted by aileenmotu (@aileenmotu) on

it's been awhile since i last went to the basketball class
all the kids have improved!
today, they practiced chaser vs defender
and even have a mini match... the boys vs the girls...
well done kids!

Thursday, May 5, 2016

the sweetest prezzies

attended the mother's day tea celebration at little bb's school today
there was singing performed by the kids 
then tea party with the class...
followed by gifts presented by the little ones.

absolutely love love love each of the little prezzies...

a little poem
an orange flower
a bush with flowers 
a tea cup with a real tea bag
a card
a (real) daisy
love coupons!

very thoughtful ones (many thanks to the class teacher!)

these love coupons made me smile from the bottom of my heart.....
would love to redeem them!
but which one should i use first!???

the kids' performances at school always bring tears to my eyes...
mixed feelings...
... happy, for seeing my little one having a good time at school, having lots of good friends
... grateful, for being able to be there 
... heartwarming, for their lovely and yet unadulterated performance
... proud, for seeing my little one singing and dancing with confidence

yet a bit of sadness as if i am losing a bit of him and myself or maybe the bonding...
i know it's very silly of me to feel this way
but i can't help but feel that when he is making one step towards being more independent and getting older,
he is also moving one step away from me, 
away from needing me...

the image of him crying non-stop just because i needed to leave the dining table for the washroom during meal times came to my mind...  this was when he was three years old
when i said goodbye to him at the end of the mother's day celebration,
he just said goodbye and ran towards his friends...

i couldn't help but felt a little bit empty...  as if i lost something....

ok, i should remind myself that he did sit on my lap while we ate cookies and drank tea together in his classroom,
hugged and kissed me
and said "i love you" enough times today