Wednesday, February 17, 2016

little sharing every now and then

we read two books before bedtime tonight
in the first book, a little boy prayed....

i asked little bb if he is still the prayer leader at school
and this is what i got in reply

"mami, Jesus is in my heart
i say a prayer 
you follow me

ok ok

"Dear God
thank you for a nice day
thank you for letting mommy go to work
and come home before I sleep
please let Jesus go in mommy's heart
i have Jesus in my heart already
Dear God

my reaction to the third line was "???!!!!!!"
you don't want to see mommy???!!!!

luckily, he said his fourth line immediately....


in the second book, the little cloud joined the other clouds to form a big cloud...
for rain to fall...

i asked little bb why do we need rain?

"we need water
trees need water
we cannot cut down trees
trees are good
they give us good air and take the bad air


sometimes i do wonder what is he learning at school
there's no homework, no textbooks, no tests, no exams....
aside from lots of reading...

but everything now and then,
he says and does little things like these
that make us appreciate the school and its teachings.

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