Saturday, November 14, 2015

@ school

it was the first parent teacher interview
and we got to meet each of little bb's teachers

no surprises...

the thing we were most interested in was his art work / exercise sheets on display

so he wants to be a race car driver when he grows up
(he didn't tell us this... *smile*)


we can tell he is trying to sound words out and do the spelling...
it took us awhile to figure out what he is trying to say in the second line...
"i can chua"
we think he meant "i can try"

little bb,
mami is most happy whey you try your very best
you don't need to get things right all the time,
it's the effort that counts!

we are appreciating his school more and more
how they equally (if not more) focus on the well-being of his body and mind
about being responsible
making good choices
making an effort to try
caring for others

p.s. and i think his little drawings are really adorable *smile*

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