Sunday, October 18, 2015

our superhero is 5

unlike the previous years, i did the least preparation this year for little bb's birthday gathering with friends,
but i enjoyed it the most.

as i wasn't able to do as much preparation work as previous years,
we decided to have a gathering closer to nature.
with lots of green and fresh air...

after lunch,
we all went to the big lawn next to the sea to hang out.

cake cutting,
blowing and chasing bubbles,
playing baseball,
flying kites

while the children ran around
the daddies flew the kites
the mommies sat on the grass

with the sea breeze and fresh air
it was very relaxing and peaceful

many thanks to joanna for, once again, baking the cake for us!
she never fails to surprise us!!
it was a lovely superhero cakes
which receives a lot of compliments!

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