Tuesday, October 27, 2015

i'm 5 today!

this year, his birthday fell on a weekday again

i tried to get home as soon as i could from work
but it was still a bit chaotic once i got home
cuz we had to rush against time so that he could catch his bed time at 8

once i got home,
like a gust of wind,
we quickly cleared the dining table.

let little bb chose his little *cake*
(not surprisingly, he chose two, a salted caramel chocolate cupcake and a slice of hazelnut chocolate cake)

asked him to choose the candle
which took him AGES!
he couldn't decide between red and yellow
then changed his mind to green
then went back to red
then switched to pink
when he was almost settled with the color,
he asked whether he could have 5 candles.
then 6... then back to 1
and then 6 again

clock is ticking

we settled with five colorful candles...

i lit up the candles
and added the sparkling one...

as soon as the sparkling one started popping and sparkling
little bb said he was scared
wanted to run away

while we were trying to calm him down about the flames and sparkles 
(weird enough, it wasn't the first time we had sparkling candles),
brownie got scared...  struggled to jump off...
when we got him...
it was sugar's turn to be scared...

this "i am scared" thing went on for a few rounds
until we finally finished the birthday song...

we were all exhausted...

just in time for bedtime

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