Wednesday, September 9, 2015

more love and kindness

it's been a week at the new school

little bb has been enjoying the new school...  making new friends and adjusting to the environment

if asked what things he has learned so far.... i would say learning how to better interact with peers in a much bigger environment, following all the school rules (classroom rules, school bus rules, etc etc), and the bible.

when he came home from the first day of school, we heard him singing to himself
....  Jesus loves me ....

his very first "homework" brought home was a coloring sheet of Jesus and the children.  he asked me to turn the page and read the passage on Jesus loves the children to him.

then he would tell us how he prays before snacks and lunch time.  and told us the correct pronunciation of "amen".

last night, he told us about Genesis and how the world was created on the first day...

it's a good sign as to us as it means he is paying attention at school and absorbing...

little bb, daddy and mommy wish to see you grow with a kind heart and be caring...  our world needs more love and kindness.  

*today's update*
He was singing this song while showering himself 

1 2 3 4 Jesus loves me
1 2 Jesus loves you
3 4 Jesus loves u even more than u ever been before
5 6 7 }%^|¥~¥~ heaven
8 9 10 let's sing it again

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