Friday, August 21, 2015

treasure boxes

one afternoon last week when little bb came back from his summer class,
he ran to me and showed me his treasures
~ extra pieces left from his mosaic project

"mami, my chre-sures!"
"mami, i need a che-sure box for my chre-sures!"

i was going to give him a spare card-box
but his little eyes landed on the vintage jewelry boxes quietly lying in my cupboard.

"mami, i want this" pointing at the lower right one.

reluctantly, i handed it to him to keep his chre-sures.

this week, he came home from his other summer class
and anxiously showed me the photos he has taken with the instant camera during the class outing to the science museum.

this round, his sparkling eyes landed on the top one
and again, reluctantly, i handed it to him

it is now stuffed with all the photos he has taken since that day
and a button which he claimed is his....

funny and lovely
i love love love how he pronounce treasure as "chre-sure"
too cute to correct him *smile*

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