Thursday, August 27, 2015

the n-th milestone

today is little bb's first day at the new school
yes, it is yet another one of the many milestones we have been through
but nonetheless
i was just as excited and nervous....
probably more so than him

ever since we decided to go to this new school,
i have been worrying, thinking, wondering (for many months)
like how long it will take for him to adapt to the new school and teachers?
can he make new friends quick?
will he feel lonely?
can he finish his lunch within the time allowed?
will he miss his friends from the old school?
what about his teachers from the old school, will he miss them too?
will he feel sad?
can he wake up so early for the school bus?

obviously i worried just way too much....
for all these months which we have been prepping him about the new school,
he never once said he would miss his old school...
he never once said he felt sad for not being with his friends from the old school
he was in fact very excited about being able to go to a "big boys and big girls school"
seeing this, of course, i avoided all the worries and question marks i have in my mind...

this morning, the alarm was on ard 6:15am
i reluctantly turned it off and lied in bed for a few minutes
dragging to have to wake him up 

when i finally did, he woke up immediately! (which is a miracle)
said good morning to us
went straight to the loo
then brushed his teeth and washed his face
without being asked

then headed out to change into his school uniform
and sat down for breakfast
"mami, i don't want too much breakfast because i am scared the school bus is here already"

he was ready 20 mins before the school bus arrival time! (really unbelievable)...

during the day, i kept looking at the clock, 
wondering what would he be doing now at school
until late afternoon when the door was opened.

a happy bunny hopping in!
he looked so happy and excited about the new school.........

bits and pieces about the school from him:

"mami, u know, the principal is really funny!  he said when we smile we need to show our teeth!"

"i was the first one to finish lunch!"

"i ate the sandwich and all the grapes... but not the pretzels"

"i got two sticks for being good today!  three sticks, i can exchange for a marble!"

"there are so many toys!"

"but i am sad because there were  puddles in the playground, can not play"

"mami, can i go to the school again tomorrow?"

the last one really made me relieved....

and then he started telling us what he would like to have for lunch and snacks tomorrow,

"i want pasta and sausages and parma ham and sandwich and grapes............."
(with a really funny but serious look on his face, looked just like an adult ordering food from the menu)

at bedtime,
he asked me to hold out my hand
"mami, your hand out"
"close your hand"
i did as asked

he then took my hand into his
and slowly,
he opened my hand, one finger at a time
when it was opened,
he gave my palm a kiss
and a big smile on his face

i know what this is about...

is this the kissing hand?
mrs scott read the book to the class today?
so sweet of you
mami loves you 
"i love you mami"
"can we read it now?"
of course my dear...........


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