Sunday, August 9, 2015

little biscuiteers

for a few wednesday now,
some of little bb's friends have been coming over to our house for playdates...

i am very glad that the schedule match for all the kids and have them over

last week,
we had a little baking afternoon (actually till after dinner)

they helped with measuring, adding and mixing the ingredients...
and of course the best part is the piping and decorating...

they are all very enthusiastic and piped some really nice cookies!
too busy with packing their lovely cookies for them to take home and didn't get a chance to take pictures of their cookies...
but i must say i am impressed with them!

and these are little bb's
they are weird looking as compared to those of the other kids..

i asked him what they are
he told me 
"pizza" for the first one
"roller coaster" for the second one.... only it was broken into pieces ........
okay little bb, mami loves your creativity

some of the friends are going away for a couple of weeks
hope we can have these playdates again soon

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