Monday, August 31, 2015

on the not-so-bright-and-merry-days....

they can brighten up things a bit.....

Sunday, August 30, 2015

little happiness is....

when i receive parcels through the post *smile*

Thursday, August 27, 2015

the n-th milestone

today is little bb's first day at the new school
yes, it is yet another one of the many milestones we have been through
but nonetheless
i was just as excited and nervous....
probably more so than him

ever since we decided to go to this new school,
i have been worrying, thinking, wondering (for many months)
like how long it will take for him to adapt to the new school and teachers?
can he make new friends quick?
will he feel lonely?
can he finish his lunch within the time allowed?
will he miss his friends from the old school?
what about his teachers from the old school, will he miss them too?
will he feel sad?
can he wake up so early for the school bus?

obviously i worried just way too much....
for all these months which we have been prepping him about the new school,
he never once said he would miss his old school...
he never once said he felt sad for not being with his friends from the old school
he was in fact very excited about being able to go to a "big boys and big girls school"
seeing this, of course, i avoided all the worries and question marks i have in my mind...

this morning, the alarm was on ard 6:15am
i reluctantly turned it off and lied in bed for a few minutes
dragging to have to wake him up 

when i finally did, he woke up immediately! (which is a miracle)
said good morning to us
went straight to the loo
then brushed his teeth and washed his face
without being asked

then headed out to change into his school uniform
and sat down for breakfast
"mami, i don't want too much breakfast because i am scared the school bus is here already"

he was ready 20 mins before the school bus arrival time! (really unbelievable)...

during the day, i kept looking at the clock, 
wondering what would he be doing now at school
until late afternoon when the door was opened.

a happy bunny hopping in!
he looked so happy and excited about the new school.........

bits and pieces about the school from him:

"mami, u know, the principal is really funny!  he said when we smile we need to show our teeth!"

"i was the first one to finish lunch!"

"i ate the sandwich and all the grapes... but not the pretzels"

"i got two sticks for being good today!  three sticks, i can exchange for a marble!"

"there are so many toys!"

"but i am sad because there were  puddles in the playground, can not play"

"mami, can i go to the school again tomorrow?"

the last one really made me relieved....

and then he started telling us what he would like to have for lunch and snacks tomorrow,

"i want pasta and sausages and parma ham and sandwich and grapes............."
(with a really funny but serious look on his face, looked just like an adult ordering food from the menu)

at bedtime,
he asked me to hold out my hand
"mami, your hand out"
"close your hand"
i did as asked

he then took my hand into his
and slowly,
he opened my hand, one finger at a time
when it was opened,
he gave my palm a kiss
and a big smile on his face

i know what this is about...

is this the kissing hand?
mrs scott read the book to the class today?
so sweet of you
mami loves you 
"i love you mami"
"can we read it now?"
of course my dear...........


Monday, August 24, 2015

one a day

the collection so far....

somotu asked what am i going to do with all of them

i don't know

maybe i will open a shop for them *laugh* crazy




black and grey tone is in my head... for the next batch.........

Sunday, August 23, 2015

warming up

it has been a long while since i got my hands around my treasures:
vintage lace, faux pearls, linen, ribbons, stamps, pages from old books, floral fabrics
and the fabric flowers i made years ago....

it took awhile for my hands to warm up with crocheting.........

once they were back on track,
things couldn't stop.... *smile*

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Friday, August 21, 2015

treasure boxes

one afternoon last week when little bb came back from his summer class,
he ran to me and showed me his treasures
~ extra pieces left from his mosaic project

"mami, my chre-sures!"
"mami, i need a che-sure box for my chre-sures!"

i was going to give him a spare card-box
but his little eyes landed on the vintage jewelry boxes quietly lying in my cupboard.

"mami, i want this" pointing at the lower right one.

reluctantly, i handed it to him to keep his chre-sures.

this week, he came home from his other summer class
and anxiously showed me the photos he has taken with the instant camera during the class outing to the science museum.

this round, his sparkling eyes landed on the top one
and again, reluctantly, i handed it to him

it is now stuffed with all the photos he has taken since that day
and a button which he claimed is his....

funny and lovely
i love love love how he pronounce treasure as "chre-sure"
too cute to correct him *smile*

Thursday, August 20, 2015

embroidery 101

after all these years
of buying books and tools for embroidery
finally got my hands around

and of course my first piece is my favorite flower........  lily of the valley

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

our princess is 9

sugar turned 9!!!

didn't get a chance to bake her a cupcake
so got a (really yummy) lemon tart from paul lafayet
little bb make a few flowers with fondant (he did the coloring himself too!)
and i placed the fondant decorations i made when brownie has his birthday last month as decoration

birthday present?
a big piece of greenie
a few small pieces of egg white
a few little bits of the crust of the tart

her eyes sparkled
it must be heaven for her
(and of course brownie as well...  how could we leave him out?!)

happy birthday my princess
we love you!

stay pretty and cool (when your little brother tries to annoy you)

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

old trick

finally cleaned up the little cupboard 
it was overloaded for way too long

with all the lace, fabrics, ribbons, and bits and pieces seeing daylight again,
i sat down and did some crocheting....

next thing i know,
i couldn't stop

Monday, August 17, 2015

wishful thinking

somotu and i both like chet baker....
could it be chet baker in the making?

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

whenever we gather by the dining table....

they are always under the table
patiently (sometimes not so patient) waiting for food to be accidentally dropped onto the floor....

a little body likes to pretend to accidentally drop food these days...

Monday, August 10, 2015

another little machine

A video posted by aileenmotu (@aileenmotu) on

another one he made in his summer class
the population of these little things is growing
a habitat for them is urgently needed
before they spread across our limited space 
and kicked us out of our home!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

little biscuiteers

for a few wednesday now,
some of little bb's friends have been coming over to our house for playdates...

i am very glad that the schedule match for all the kids and have them over

last week,
we had a little baking afternoon (actually till after dinner)

they helped with measuring, adding and mixing the ingredients...
and of course the best part is the piping and decorating...

they are all very enthusiastic and piped some really nice cookies!
too busy with packing their lovely cookies for them to take home and didn't get a chance to take pictures of their cookies...
but i must say i am impressed with them!

and these are little bb's
they are weird looking as compared to those of the other kids..

i asked him what they are
he told me 
"pizza" for the first one
"roller coaster" for the second one.... only it was broken into pieces ........
okay little bb, mami loves your creativity

some of the friends are going away for a couple of weeks
hope we can have these playdates again soon

Saturday, August 8, 2015

snow in august

we got this pack of magic snow from the snowman show last december 
but never got around to play with it.

after dinner,
little bb reminded us of it and surely,
the weather is so hot and humid that snow is more than welcomed!

added lots of water to a tiny bit of the snow powder
mixed a bit and 
watched the snow grow!

woo hoo!

and they are cold to the hands too!

it wouldn't be winter wonderland without our snow friends.
so we invited the polar bear, the seal, snow bunny and white baba sheep sheep to our snow party...

our party was ended wonderfully with snow in an ice cream cup!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

my dream house

got this beautiful little twin stars sets of mini furniture from a friend
the packaging itself was pretty enough to stop me from opening each box set for almost two weeks

when they were finally opened,
surprise came with each box

so dreamy and cute

Wednesday, August 5, 2015