Friday, July 10, 2015

thank you

parents day on the 2nd last day of school
birthday party on the last day of school...

being my silly and sensitive self,
i have been quite emotional about the last days at this school...

some nights, i would be sleepless
during day time, thoughts come and go...

worrying about all things i can think of and come up with,
will he be upset about not seeing his classmates and teachers he has come to know so well?
will he miss all his friends?
can he adapt to the new school?
how soon can he make new friends?
will he be able to make good friends?
what will it be like at lunch time?
is he going to finish his lunch box?
what about nap time....  will he take his nap?
what about recess....  will he be all alone?
will he feel lonely and insecure?
will the teachers at the new school be as nice and caring?

then at the same time,
i think of all the memorable moments at the old school....
the separation and adaptation period (all the mommies in one room and the little ones in their class rooms),
the numerous story reading times i had for his classmates,
the school trips,
the mother's day celebration,
the father's day celebration,
christmas performances (which we will surely miss)

i am worrying and thinking too much...
i am sure things will work out fine...
but i just can't help not to think so much *smile*

we are very grateful to the school and teachers for the past few years
for caring, guiding, teaching and loving little bb.
there has never been a single day which little bb said he didn't want to go to school.
every morning, he was hopping to the school bus for school.
we are truly appreciative of the transparency and support of parents' involvement.

learning and teaching at home and school should be seamless...
we are so thankful and lucky to have very supportive class teachers throughout the years.

thank you for all the fond memories and for giving little bb such a happy early school years' experience.

about my worry of little bb feeling sad to have to say goodbye to his friends, teachers and school...
it can be parked for now.
his class teachers had told the whole class that a few kids (including little bb) are leaving for a new school...
little bb wasn't bothered by it at all.
in fact, he is very excited about the new school as to him,
it means he is a big boy now.

last weekend, 
we brought him to get the new school uniform...
he was very excited and curious...
when we asked him to try on the uniform,
he signaled me to leave the changing room as "mami, i can do this by myself" while nodding his head to give me reassurance.

somotu and i waited outside...
after a short while, the door was opened... and our little man walked out...
nice and smart in the uniform.

that moment, just that moment,
i felt like he has really grown up.

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