Sunday, July 5, 2015

our little man

he likes to put our slippers side by side... neatly right at the side of our bed before he goes to sleep...


as soon as he hears the door bell ring, he will run and hide under the dining table
waiting for us to ask "oh where's little bb?"
which will always end up with
giggles and sounds of little footsteps coming from under the table.....


he is still loving the magic school bus books


lately, he likes to read the books by himself before letting me read the books to him


he has been suffering from some sort of allergy / infection over the weekend...
his eyes are swollen, his neck, body and limbs have red patches
making him really itchy overall...

yesterday, i felt really bad seeing his little body covered with red patches 
and said sorry to him.
"why you say sorry mami?"
oh because i couldn't do anything to help you make them go away..
"oh you don't say sorry mami... it's not you"
but i really wish there is something i could do to help you...
i wish i could take all the itchiness from you and put them onto mami...
"no mami i don't want"
"give it to daddy"
no!  that's not nice at all!
daddy loves you too!
"hmmm ok....  hmm give it to (one of his classmates)"
no!  that's mean!
you don't do mean things to others!
he gigggled and nodded his head...

he has gotten especially sticky these few days...
sitting on my lap while eating
asking me to feed him
following me around the house
clinging to my clothes

in a way, it was sweet...
but mami do hope a speedy recovery for you.......

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