Monday, July 27, 2015

may 18: nara park

i have heard about the deer at nara park
and how *anxious* they are to go after any food

so here we were at the park

some are in groups 
some seem like lone rangers
they looked very composed
we even got to get up close and pat a few of them

and that was all before i bought biscuits for them...

i didn't even have the biscuits in my hand
but they could tell i was going to get my wallet
and in a split second, i was surrounded.
i could feel my backpack being pulled...
*someone* trying to help me get my wallet out quick i guess *laugh*
and *someone* even gave my bum a bite!  *laugh*

when i finally got the biscuits in my hand,
it was no romance , cuteness at all...
all i could do was to get rid of the biscuits in my hand quick!  *laugh*

it was quite funny
but little bb was horrified...

at one point, i was helping him finish his ice cream
when he saw this deer come close to me....

little bb was very worried and got a bit mad at me for walking so slowly...
he tried to push me so that i could walk faster...
and when the deer was heading for me,
little bb jumped in front of me with his hands wide open
trying to protect me from the deer!

"don't come close to my mami!

thank you sweetie...
(as you could tell, mami wasn't scared at all.....
i was standing behind you with a grin on my face and taking pictures!)
seeing you so concerned about my safety really made my day!

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