Monday, June 29, 2015

kids plaza osaka @ may 16

after the visit to the instant noodles museum and the zakka shop,
we went to the kids plaza osaka...
it was great fun all the way from here to the stars and back!

the kids town was a big hit for little bb...
he was climbing over the walls, walking through the suspension bridge,
running up and down the stairs...
the best part was this super long tube slider which runs through 2 floors.
little bb had at least ten slides!

next was the kids street where we did a few role play...
plumber, postman, police...

this little supermarket for little people is way too cute...
each item has a bar code and is neatly organized into different sections.

little people are to do some grocery shopping and wait in line for self checkout.

no kidding... this bar code reader is for real!

and there is even a receipt printed when done checking out!

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little bb was reluctant to leave the museum as expected.
we had to lure him to leave by telling him about another two super long slides outside the museum.

i did both slides with him
and i must say the covered one is just a little bit too exciting for me!  *laugh*
i had to slow myself down by putting my feet against the sides of the slide... *laugh*

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the covered one, to me, beats this one in terms of speed
but little bb finds this one more exciting...
probably because it wasn't covered and it adds to the excitement!

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