Monday, July 13, 2015

hello summer vacation

what's up with those hands?  i asked.
"mami, i'm spiderman!"

later in the day,
he claimed that he is spider baby
and i'm spider mami...
which obviously, i objected!
"why mami?"
because mami doesn't like spiders.

bumped into wally on our way to the star ferry...

then we took the tram from central to causeway bay

after stopping by the bookshop,
we went to have a late lunch
and little bb ordered a "baby coffee"

the highlight of the drink was the marshmallow
and i knew it...  i just knew that it would happen...
the marshmallow ended up on the table
as little bb couldn't hold the spoon tight and dropped it....

we then took the mtr back to kowloon side 
and met up with somotu

a super hot, humid but happy day


our first day of summer vacation

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