Monday, June 22, 2015

your choice

a page from 365 days of wonder...

reading the twin wonder books,
i was reminded of my english classes in high school...
instead of learning the correct grammar,
our teacher had us picked articles and wrote about what we thought about them...
very much like how mr browne had his class picked precepts and wrote about them...

the other night,
it gave me the idea of reading one of the precepts from the book to little bb.

it was all random
and we found ourselves landed on this page.


i read the precept to him and asked:

do you understand
what does choice means?

it means you choose between things.
like cars and crayons... you choose cars
like ice cream and candy... you choose candy.

"is it like bad and kind?"

i nodded my head

on this page, it means if you are to choose between right or kind.

"and then i choose kind?"


why would you choose kind?

"it makes other people happy?"

why would that make other people happy?

"because i will share..."

yes and you can also do so by caring others...

"make the world better?"

yes indeed...

so if what would you choose, right or kind?



not bad as our first trial.

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