Wednesday, June 24, 2015

may 16 @ my biggest discovery

so this is it!
my biggest discovery of our osaka trip

while finding parking for the instand noodles museum,
we passed by this beautiful white shop
it didn't catch the eyes of somotu or little bb
but it did to mine...

immediately, i burst out "we need to come back!!!"

and so we did after our short visit to the museum.

a four storey zakka shop

i felt like i was on a treasure hunt
with little surprises and findings here and there...

i had to keep my eyes wide open to ensure i would not overlook anything!
(it was quite tiring!)

little bb had quite a good time at the shop too.
he had fun exploring the different floors,
walking up and down the stairs,
checking out the neat little things and curious about the pieces of furnitures...

at one point he asked me genuinely,
"mami, why our home is not as nice?"

little bb, you are spot on!
i wish this is our home!

empty hands in
full hands out

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