Wednesday, April 29, 2015

me vs. little bb

finished wonder over the weekend.
it is totally addictive 
couldn't put it down once in my hands.
highly recommend it 
(especially to mommies.  the whole book is written from the eyes of the different kids in the story...  as a mommy, it reminds me that there are always at least two sides to a story, the wonderful minds of our children, and to be kind and accepting....)

i cried once,
and got teary eyes a few times.
don't think i would have as strong feelings if i wasn't a mom.

on saturday, i was sneaking in some time to read a few chapters before heading off to my mom's place for dinner...
little bb saw me reading
and started going back and forth in front of me...
i didn't really pay any attention to that.

after awhile,
he asked, "mommy, you done yet?"
"ok, i read one more book."
this conversation went on for a few times until it was really time for us to leave the house.

when i put down my book,
i saw all these books lying on my bed.

so a few chapters of wonder = all these books

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