Saturday, April 25, 2015

saturday afternoon

it's been awhile since last we went.
with sudden changes to our saturdays routine today
we ended up going to the green lawn and playground at the back of the disney hotel.

we did some running around,
played soccer,
walked up the slides,
little rock climbing,
explored new paths....

don't know why this never dawn on me for the many times we have been here before.
but here we were today, playing soccer... little bb trying to *teach* me how to kick the ball,
i spotted this tree...  a perfect tree for 1st timers to do some tree climbing!

i did have to persuade little bb quite a bit before he would give it a try...
somotu asked why i have to insist...
i didn't say anything
but in my head, i recalled an article about the top 10 things kids should not grow up without doing...
and one of them was tree climbing..

running around the maze (am thrilled to find there are actually some holes for little people to shuttle through the maze!  it immediately reminded me of alice in wonderland!)

second to the tree climbing,
the best thing today was finding this *flum flum tree* of ours
while we were collecting twigs as our pooh sticks... 
its the best thing when you find things in the real world that resemble what you have read in books

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