Sunday, April 26, 2015

sunday afternoon

a sunday afternoon well spent with family and friends.

went to check out the mamasmart at science park...
handmade accessories,
homemade cookies,
hand-dripped coffee,
handmade soap,
live music
and even home grown vegetables!

i got a very nice crocheted collar,
a tiny carrot (the cutest carrot i have seen ever!),
a tiny eggplant (very very cute)
and a bunch of beans for little bb's lunch/dinner tomorrow.

we then went to the promenade along the sea
for the kids to play soccer, cycle and walk with the hovertrax which is a hit among the kids!

even i, the clumpiest person, gave it a go!
and yes, i am addicted!
(quietly though, i had a big fall and landed on my bump!  *shhhhhh*)

....  the repair centre....
love this picture how the kids were all over their dads.

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