Wednesday, April 22, 2015

6 days in taiwan?!

somotu went out for dinner with his friends tonight...

strangely, little bb kept asking me why daddy is not home yet...
every now and then, somotu does go out for dinner...
so i found it a bit odd that little bb is particular about it tonight
then he said he wanted to wait for daddy...

when i thought he was finally asleep,
brownie and sugar went to greet somotu home...
little bb got up in no time and greeted somotu, "daddy!  daddy! daddy!"
"i miss you daddy!"


he was finally back to sleep and i came out to the living room
our helper, with a confused look, told me that little bb said somotu went to taiwan
and will spend 6 days in taiwan
"no, your daddy just went out for dinner.  will be back."
no, daddy really went to taiwan...
i really miss daddy
"if your daddy went to taiwan, why he didn't bring his luggage?"
auntie, you didn't see?!!  he put on two jackets, two pants and two pieces of underwear!
i really really really miss daddy

then we asked somotu what did he say to little bb before he went out tonight.
as it turned out,
somotu told little bb about somotu's younger brother going to taiwan.
as for the 6 days, somotu thinks he got mixed up with the number of days we will be spending in japan in our upcoming trip....

we all laughed big time!

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