Wednesday, April 29, 2015

me vs. little bb

finished wonder over the weekend.
it is totally addictive 
couldn't put it down once in my hands.
highly recommend it 
(especially to mommies.  the whole book is written from the eyes of the different kids in the story...  as a mommy, it reminds me that there are always at least two sides to a story, the wonderful minds of our children, and to be kind and accepting....)

i cried once,
and got teary eyes a few times.
don't think i would have as strong feelings if i wasn't a mom.

on saturday, i was sneaking in some time to read a few chapters before heading off to my mom's place for dinner...
little bb saw me reading
and started going back and forth in front of me...
i didn't really pay any attention to that.

after awhile,
he asked, "mommy, you done yet?"
"ok, i read one more book."
this conversation went on for a few times until it was really time for us to leave the house.

when i put down my book,
i saw all these books lying on my bed.

so a few chapters of wonder = all these books

Sunday, April 26, 2015

sunday afternoon

a sunday afternoon well spent with family and friends.

went to check out the mamasmart at science park...
handmade accessories,
homemade cookies,
hand-dripped coffee,
handmade soap,
live music
and even home grown vegetables!

i got a very nice crocheted collar,
a tiny carrot (the cutest carrot i have seen ever!),
a tiny eggplant (very very cute)
and a bunch of beans for little bb's lunch/dinner tomorrow.

we then went to the promenade along the sea
for the kids to play soccer, cycle and walk with the hovertrax which is a hit among the kids!

even i, the clumpiest person, gave it a go!
and yes, i am addicted!
(quietly though, i had a big fall and landed on my bump!  *shhhhhh*)

....  the repair centre....
love this picture how the kids were all over their dads.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

saturday afternoon

it's been awhile since last we went.
with sudden changes to our saturdays routine today
we ended up going to the green lawn and playground at the back of the disney hotel.

we did some running around,
played soccer,
walked up the slides,
little rock climbing,
explored new paths....

don't know why this never dawn on me for the many times we have been here before.
but here we were today, playing soccer... little bb trying to *teach* me how to kick the ball,
i spotted this tree...  a perfect tree for 1st timers to do some tree climbing!

i did have to persuade little bb quite a bit before he would give it a try...
somotu asked why i have to insist...
i didn't say anything
but in my head, i recalled an article about the top 10 things kids should not grow up without doing...
and one of them was tree climbing..

running around the maze (am thrilled to find there are actually some holes for little people to shuttle through the maze!  it immediately reminded me of alice in wonderland!)

second to the tree climbing,
the best thing today was finding this *flum flum tree* of ours
while we were collecting twigs as our pooh sticks... 
its the best thing when you find things in the real world that resemble what you have read in books

Thursday, April 23, 2015

my first soap making experience

had a fun time doing the piping and making tiny flower petals.
this is my first ever experience in soap making...
was a bit clumsy (as usual)
but thanks dear for watching over me while mixing the ingredients!

2015 easter egg hunt

one of the things we did during the easter break
our little easter egg hunt.

similar to last year, i prepared the eggs and hid them in the little playground at our place.
i didn't make the eggs this year.
instead i got some reusable plastic ones which can be opened.
i put little things like stickers, chocolate eggs, etc in each one.

it was a very sunny and warm afternoon
and the kids had a great time hunting.

watching them running around, i was thinking i need to find a new place for our egg hunt next year...
they are getting a bit too big for this little playground (and also a bit too familiar with it)

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

6 days in taiwan?!

somotu went out for dinner with his friends tonight...

strangely, little bb kept asking me why daddy is not home yet...
every now and then, somotu does go out for dinner...
so i found it a bit odd that little bb is particular about it tonight
then he said he wanted to wait for daddy...

when i thought he was finally asleep,
brownie and sugar went to greet somotu home...
little bb got up in no time and greeted somotu, "daddy!  daddy! daddy!"
"i miss you daddy!"


he was finally back to sleep and i came out to the living room
our helper, with a confused look, told me that little bb said somotu went to taiwan
and will spend 6 days in taiwan
"no, your daddy just went out for dinner.  will be back."
no, daddy really went to taiwan...
i really miss daddy
"if your daddy went to taiwan, why he didn't bring his luggage?"
auntie, you didn't see?!!  he put on two jackets, two pants and two pieces of underwear!
i really really really miss daddy

then we asked somotu what did he say to little bb before he went out tonight.
as it turned out,
somotu told little bb about somotu's younger brother going to taiwan.
as for the 6 days, somotu thinks he got mixed up with the number of days we will be spending in japan in our upcoming trip....

we all laughed big time!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

read a book or two

tonight, we read a new book

as it turned out,
i find the story a bit sad (maybe even depressing).

as we read the story,
i watched for his reaction.

obviously he wasn't as excited with this story as others (especially the colorful ones with lots of cars and trucks),
but at least he didn't say he didn't want to read it.

the only question he asked was
"where is mommy?"
there is no mommy in the story....  it was just dad and his son and daughter...
he kept asking and held my hand.

when we turned off the lights, 
he put his little arm around my neck, and held my hand.

yes, i am quite shallow *smile*
this book, my true love gave to me, caught my eye because of the pink pages...
not just any pink, but a very pretty neon pink.
i am loving it as the short stories are whimsical and they are all about my favorite season, xmas!
i have wanted to finish the book over my xmas break last year but clearly, i am far from that.

over the weekend, i got myself two other books, actually one and a related one.
again, the book, wonder, caught my eye because of the illustration on the cover.
i had wanted to get this book but was a bit hesitant to read about the difficulties august has to face...
but i finally got it...

some of the precepts from the related book, 365 days of wonder:

*three things in human life are important: the first is to be kind; the second is to be kind; and the third is to be kind.* ~ henry james

*life isn't about finding yourself.  life is about creating yourself.* ~ george bernard shaw

*the smallest good deed is better than the grandest intention.* ~ unknown

*your actions are all you can own.* ~ flynn

Monday, April 20, 2015

happy bear hospital 2015

back in march,
we went to our much anticipated annual happy bear hospital organized by playright.

this year,
little bb brought along one of his favorite softies, baa baa sheep sheep
little bb learned about health checks for different body parts,
assisted in an operation on a giant teddy bear,
helped took care of teddies after their operation,
fed milk to teddy babies...

the afternoon was wrapped up with free playing...

can't wait for next year's!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

piped cookies

green tea cookies garnished with honey yuzu peel

coffee cookies garnished with orange peel

my first batch of piped cookies

the taste is not as strong as i would like them to be
needs more practicing!

little bb said he loves them though *smile*
even when he was in bed ready for sleep *smile*

Friday, April 17, 2015

was too early for my story reading session at little bb's school this morning
while waiting in the hallway,
i came across this video shared by friends

my eyes got teary
and they get teary each time i watch it

i keep questioning myself everyday 
whether i have taken care and love little bb as much as i could
whether i have taken care and love our family as much as i could
whether i have been a caring wife
whether i have given my best at work
whether i have been a good daughter
whether i have been a good friend
most of the time,
i feel i am not doing as good a job as I would like to be...
most of the time,
i feel rushed and in a hurry to finish one thing and jump to another...

but yet,
as soon as i hear little bb's voice and laughter
i see his smiley face
all these doubts are put aside (for awhile)

be it working mom or full time mom,
it's just as challenging 

we don't expect any reward
we just want to give our best

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

our little scientist

A video posted by aileenmotu (@aileenmotu) on

an anemometer,
a wind sensor,
a rain sensor

some of the little projects little bb did with the help of the instructor from the science camp
he joined during easter.

not only was little bb very excited about these science projects
so was i!
(and so was sugar who was very curious about these little objects)

i must say all the kids loved this class
and the instructor clearly is very creative, knowledgeable and passionate about teaching kids.

the center is a bit far away for us to enroll on a regular basis...
but surely worth recommending.

Monday, April 13, 2015

our little baker

we did our first and second batch together...
little bb had so much fun with the entire process
that he said he wants to bake cookies every day!

i will be keeping his very first cookies in the fridge for as long as they will last

A video posted by aileenmotu (@aileenmotu) on

A video posted by aileenmotu (@aileenmotu) on