Sunday, March 29, 2015


after close to 20 years with us,
your soul left us on march 18
you turned into ashes on march 29
leaving behind memories...

from your first day home, despite dad's disapproval
to being dad's favorite

from being a palm size puppy 
to a cheeky boy
biting my slippers this minute
chasing after your big brother's soccer the next minute
wee wee at the wrong place and chased by mom the next

from being one of the core SFG members
to being tasked to help with the beading for our *chu chu business*
and being honored with the name "short leg 113*

for being our entertainer on xmas gatherings

from being with a household of five
to being with a household of three
when your big brother and me moved out one by one...

from being irritated by brownie and sugar
to having no energy, poor eye sight, no hearing to be even bothered by them

thank you for all the fond memories
thank you for keeping mom and dad company
thank you for choosing us to be your family

you will always be loved...............

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