Wednesday, February 4, 2015


as usual
we sat side by side
he was drinking his milk
i was waiting for him to finish his milk

he moved closer and closer to my side
looked at me with the sweetest eyes
leaning against me, he said

"mami, i want to marry you"



"i want to marry you"

you want to marry me?

"yes mami"


"because i like you"


yes, you love me
but you only marry your girlfriend

"but why mami?"

because i am your mommy
you don't marry your mommy
you marry your girlfriend.

"what girlfriend?"


"oh isabel?"

i started feeling sour...

"no no no, tin ching"

very sour....

yes, that's ok...

very very sour

but who do you like the most?

"isabel, tin ching and mami"

no you can only choose one.

"tin ching, isabel and mami.............  and everyone!"

choose one.

"tin ching and mami"


me = one sour and crazy mommy

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