Tuesday, January 20, 2015

small talks, big things


we read a book about time,
the story of time.

open and shut your eye = 1 second
open and shut your eye 10 times = 10 seconds
open and shut your eye 60 times = 1 minute

time passes by quickly when you are happy
time is as slow as snail when you feel lonely

either way
time passes by
and we can not go back in time
don't waste your time


little bb is usually curious and won't stop asking "why"
but tonight, he didn't ask much about (2) and (3)
he sat there and listened.
he is probably trying to digest (2) and (3).

as for (1)
we have much fun taking turns to blink our eyes for each other to tell how many seconds have passed.


the other night,
we were talking about prayers.
and how to pray to God.

"mami, i just prayed
but why God didn't say a word to me?"
while pointing at the cross.

God is everywhere (why mami why mami?)
God will show you his answers to your prays in many different ways.
you have to observe and find it yourself (why mami why mami???)


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