Wednesday, December 17, 2014

the christmas show

went to watch little bb's christmas show at his school today....
same as previous two years,
the whole class sang and danced to three christmas songs.

the difference this year,
as they are K2 ~ big boys and big girls! ~ now,
the dance steps and order were a bit less straightforward,
a short introduction was done by three little MCs before the show.

little bb got to be one of them!
we didn't really expect he would be willing to say his lines in front of all the parents
as he always shy away from performing or standing in front of strange faces.
but to our surprise,
he said his lines!
great job little bb!
mami is so proud of you xoxo
and many thanks to his class teacher for encouraging him all along!

and am very impressed with all the big boys and girls!
they could do all the steps, movements and positioning for each song.
not a single one of them got lost in all the movements *smile*

big applause to them
and to the teachers for all their effort in preparing the kids.

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