Saturday, December 27, 2014

dec 26, boxing day

unlike the previous years,
we let little bb unwrap all his christmas presents this year....

alot of them are books from santa (aka me)
some are wrapped in black paper with hand drawn christmas trees, ornaments in white pen...
too bad i ran out of black paper...
otherwise, all in black!

after all the unwrapping,
seeing me vacuum the floor,
little bb picked up the cleaner
and started cleaning after me.

to me,
the best christmas present this year is seeing him offering help 
when our helper is back home for christmas.

our helper told me before she left that little bb asked her how to mop the floor
out of the blue one day....
we didn't really know why he asked...

now i do....
he has been good...

cleaning the floor,
making his bed and ours,
helping with the laundry...

Friday, December 26, 2014

dec 20, kids' christmas afternoon tea and story telling

had a cozy afternoon tea at our favorite place for the season....
story telling,
draw and guess,
knock down the snowman,
christmas quiz,
balloon twisting,
santa special appearance!

yummy little treats....

not just the kids,
the grown ups have a great time too!!!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

our black and white christmas

wrote and drew with white chalk on black card boards....
the last one received a bonus stroke from one of little bb's friends *smile*

merry christmas

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Monday, December 22, 2014

out of the blue

seeing somotu being a couch potato
he goes,
"dadi, you are fat
your tummy is fat"

seeing somotu use gel on his hair,
he goes
"dadi, you are very handsome"
and he went to wet his hair

we can only laugh.....

Sunday, December 21, 2014


thanks dear

my favorite little people


taken by little bb

latest acquisition....  midnight blue sparkles...

Friday, December 19, 2014

why, santa? and santa answers

little bb: "mami why santa's reindeers can fly?"
mami: "................."
little bb: "deers can't fly"
mami: ".............."
little bb: "mami why one reindeer has red nose ...  others have brown nose?"

the second question is a no-brainer....  handled this one well....

the first one is...........  a good question!  i have not thought about this one myself...
silly mami...
i think probably santa's elves have played some magic on them!

being curious, i googled and ah-ha!
i was close!
santa himself unveiled the secret!
it's because he sprinkled magic over his reindeers making them able to fly for one night!

and here's a full list of questions raised by curious children...

i must watch this with little bb!

ho ho ho!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

the christmas show

went to watch little bb's christmas show at his school today....
same as previous two years,
the whole class sang and danced to three christmas songs.

the difference this year,
as they are K2 ~ big boys and big girls! ~ now,
the dance steps and order were a bit less straightforward,
a short introduction was done by three little MCs before the show.

little bb got to be one of them!
we didn't really expect he would be willing to say his lines in front of all the parents
as he always shy away from performing or standing in front of strange faces.
but to our surprise,
he said his lines!
great job little bb!
mami is so proud of you xoxo
and many thanks to his class teacher for encouraging him all along!

and am very impressed with all the big boys and girls!
they could do all the steps, movements and positioning for each song.
not a single one of them got lost in all the movements *smile*

big applause to them
and to the teachers for all their effort in preparing the kids.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

little christmas party

last sunday,
a couple of little bb's school friends came over and we had a little christmas party.....

prepared ready-to-build ginger bread house and ginger bread man for the kids to do icing and decorate with candies
(though they were more interested with finding *treasures* by the window bay - the place where we put all of little bb's toys and stuff *laugh*)

tried making the santa strawberries again this year...
they turned out to be much better than last year...  *smile*

idea from here.

my version of santa strawberries:
* strawberries
* marshmallow
* white chocolate pen
* brown chocolate pen
* toothpick

Monday, December 15, 2014

gingerbread house party

same as last year,
we gathered at dear joanna's place for a gingerbread house making party.

and same as last year too,
mine is all white...

joanna was very kind to prepare two sets of gingerbread cookies for making the house....
one has lots of scallops
and the other one was just random curves....

i really enjoy the process, the aroma filled house, being with dear friends and family.

many thanks for all the baking and preparation!!!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

christmas carol

last saturday
we did our first public performance *smile*
we joined the school for this christmas carol
it was held at one of the shopping malls
the one, i think, with the best christmas decoration this year...

the whole performance lasted for less than 10 minutes
but it was a very enjoyable and memorable experience for both of us...
never would i have thought of singing in the public *laugh*

after the singing, the kids had fun admiring the fantastic christmas decoration....
they were particularly attracted to the part where the underground train would come out from the tunnel....

Saturday, December 13, 2014