Friday, November 14, 2014

our little outer space ~ 10

the magnetic mazes made for the birthday party...

used large black foam board, 
hot glue gun to stick paper cups to the bottom,
white chalk to draw the mazes,
and space car and station at the end of the maze.

i didn't take pictures of the lost astronaut.
glued magnets to each of the astronaut,
separately, glued magnets to a long ruler wrapped with silver ribbon.

the mission was to help the lost astronaut find his space car and station
by controlling the ruler which was placed under the foam board,
and the lost astronaut on top of the foam board.
the lost astronaut moved across the maze by the force of the magnets holding 
the ruler and the astronaut.

some good eye and hand coordination is required!  *smile*

and the two toss boards for our astronauts to toss balls into the black holes....

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