Saturday, November 15, 2014

run, run, run

little bb's first ever athletic competition back in september

as he seems to always have unlimited energy and loves running,
we thought it might be fun for him to try one of these sports events.

that day, 
he tried for boys 20m, bean bag toss and family relay.
yes family relay,
meaning somotu, little bb and myself.

for the family relay,
little bb went first, then me, then somotu.

little bb did a really really good job.
he came as the first when he reached me.
i wasn't so bad either, i came as second when i reached somotu.
but don't ask me about somotu *laugh*

we ended up being the 5th...  to me, still a pretty good job 
as our first ever family relay
especially when considering both somotu and i have not exercised for ages.

the memorable part of the relay was seeing how hard little bb tried,
how he wanted so much to reach me when he started running as he was reluctant at first to stand all by himself at the starting point...,
the contented look on his face when he finally reached me,
and how he kept running after me when it was my turn to run towards somotu..
i didn't know he kept running towards me until i turned around to look for him when i reached somotu...  i immediately lifted him up and threw him a super big hug.

we didn't bring any prizes back home other than this gold medal which all participants of the family relay got.
but it was good enough for us and little bb.
he was so happy with it that he insisted to sleep with it.

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