Tuesday, November 18, 2014

our new nightly routine

i came across this article two days ago (the picture above is from the article)
and i thought i would give it a try.

last night:
"what's the happiest moment today?"
little present from mami.

"what's the saddest moment today?"
mami wasn't happy with me this morning.

"what have you learned today?"
... and we didn't get to this question.

"what's the happiest moment today?"
riding on my blue car.

"what's the saddest moment today?"
hmmm....  no sad....  i am happy the whole day.

"what have you learned today?"
how to write and 

thanks for sharing little bb.
now, it's time for mami to share my day with you.
your turn to ask me questions.

mami, what's the moment happy?
hmmm.... you mean what's the happiest moment?
yes mami.
when you brushed your teeth really well tonight.

what's the not happy moment?
when someone in the office cried today.
(then a series of questions from him on the crying)

*with a cheeky smile*
what's the half sad moment?
what?!  half sad?!
yes mami, half sad!
ok, when you didn't want to change into your school uniform this morning.

quickly changing the topic, he asked,
what's the little happy moment?
hmmmm....  little happy...
ok, when i had my favorite noodles for dinner.

what did you learn today?
i learned how to handle sad people at work.

good night.

i will try to make this as a nightly routine from now on...

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