Sunday, November 9, 2014

our little outer space ~ 6

as it turned out,
the highlight of the birthday party was this inflatable astronaut.

along with the space rocket, i got the inflatable astronaut and space shuttle rocket from amazon.
thinking it would just add a little fun to the party.

it was more than just a little fun.

towards the end of the party, i don't know how it got started, the kids gone nuts over the astronaut.
probably because a picture of little bb's face was glued to the astronaut.
one of the daddies helped the kids to gather all the balloons and tied them to the astronaut to make it *fly*.
as soon as the *little bb the astronaut* took off, the kids were screaming and chasing after it...
jumping all over the place trying to grab it...
it was crazy and fun!

and the credit goes to somotu ~ he was the one who suggested that we turn the faceless astronaut into little bb.  the picture somotu chosen was this one...  and funny enough, it goes quite well with the astronaut and with all the silly actions and poses of the kids(and big people) that day.  *laugh*

....  and...
i really love this cake made by joanna...

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