Thursday, November 6, 2014

our little outer space ~ 5

the part that took me the most time to prepare for is the games.

wanted games that echo our theme about the outer space...
and obviously, games that wouldn't bore our little (and big) guests..

in the end,
these were our games:

the cardboard space rocket..
it took a bit of time to assemble it
i was too busy with preparing the games for the party that day
but apparently, they had just as much fun assembling it as playing with it afterwards.

got the rocket here.


dress the astronaut boy and girl....
i prepared one of each for our little guests to form a team of boys and a team of girls.
each one in the team was to take turns to dress the boy and girl respectively,
while wearing glasses which i masked with big stars.
the team who could finish the dressing wins.

there were:
the helmut
the gloves
the boots
the spacesuit
and the control panel

.... and the winning team was 
the girls!
(thanks joanna for helping out with making sure the kids stay in line!)


the jetpacks...
how could our astronauts go about without the jetpacks!?
each astronaut was given a set of jetpack, half ready....
for them to finish by adding flames and personalizing them by stickers and stuff....
it took me almost a month to collect enough plastic bottles for all our astronauts.
was glad that they liked it *smile*

got the idea here

our crafty corner

where the astronauts prepared the jetpacks and did coloring etc.


the magnetic board game....
made two mazes for our astronauts to help the lost astronauts find their way back to their space motors...
first, i drew the maze with white chalk on the black cardboard.
then i glued little magnets to the end of the ruler and to the lost astronauts.
lastly, i glued paper cups to the bottom of the cardboard to hold it up.

our astronauts were to control the ruler and find the way out from the maze.

lucky i made two different mazes as the kids were too keen to try *smile*


searching for moon rocks...
our astronauts were to search for moon rocks on the moon (the little garden).

to make the moon rocks,
i wrapped soft play dough in aluminum foil
and randomly hid them in the garden.

this game was a bit chaotic as our astronauts were to eager to start searching
when i was still trying to hide them one by one!

it brought big smiles seeing them so happy (yet serious about finding the most rocks)

at the end of the search,
they lined up and had to count how many rocks they got.
each one of them was rewarded with glow in the dark stars, moon, shooting stars....
and the one who got the most rocks got the most glow in the dark stars.


toss the balls into the black hole...

to prepare for the target,
i got big foam boards 
cut circles of different sizes
and added glitters, stars and spaceships as decoration..

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