Saturday, November 1, 2014

our little outer space ~ 1

lots to catch up in this space...
... his 4th birthday party
... his first sports competition
... his first flag selling experience
... his school picnic
... yesterday's cheers for play event by playright

to start off,
preparation of his birthday party.

the theme was outer space.
which is associated with my childhood dream
... to be the first female astronaut (obviously i didn't realize the first female went up and came back down already!)

it wasn't much of a choice for little bb.
i did ask him what birthday theme he would like for his party...
he told me he wanted spiderman, hulk, etc etc
but i tactfully rejected all of his ideas (so wicked of me!)
and we *agreed* on outer space!

with the theme confirmed,
i started with the preparation...

first thing i made was carved stamps...
little space ship,
big space ship,
little stars,
medium stars,
big stars,
initial of his name....

with the stamps,
i made cupcake toppers, bunting, 3D decorations for the welcome sign, 
signs for the food tables....

it has been a long while since i last did rubber stamp carving..
i was never good at it
but it was addictive.
i almost didn't want to stop carving!

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