Thursday, November 27, 2014

nov 2, cheers for play

little bb and his friends have loads of fun at the cheers for play organized by playright
that sunday.

it was very crowded and i had a really terrifying experience.
i lost sight of little bb.
it happened in the rainforest maze...
i was right behind him but in a split second i lost sight of him.
i ran around calling for him....
all in vain...
extremely desperate and scared...
my phone rang and a lady asked if i just lost my kid.
it turned out to be one of playright's staff.
luckily she spotted little bb lost and crying...
went up to him and little bb gave her my phone number...
the whole thing probably lasted around 5 minutes
but it felt like the end of the world.

little bb, although was crying, appeared to be relatively calm and composed.
it is indeed very brave of him to stay composed enough to remember my phone number and let the staff know how to reach me.

thank God
and thanks to the staff who helped us.

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