Friday, November 21, 2014

little talks

after dinner tonight,

little bb: "let's do the happy and sad ask"
me: "ok"

me: "what's your happiest moment today?"
little bb: "boot boot", "boot boot"
me: "again?!", "when?"
little bb: "now"

me: "what's your  saddest moment today?"
little bb: "no sad"

little bb: "what's your happiest moment mami"
me: "when i came home and saw you"
little bb: "what's your saddest"
me: "when i was at work and missed you"
little bb: "me too"
me: "so what's your saddest moment?"
little bb: "when i didn't see you and dadi"

little bb: "dadi, what's your happiest moment?"
somotu: "when i see you"
little bb: "what's your saddest moment?"
somotu: "when i miss mami"
me:  hahahahahaha


before he slept,
me: "good night, i love you"
little bb: "good night"
me: "i love you"
he rolled away
little bb rolled back and said
"i love you to the stars, moon"
me: "me too.  i love you to the stars, the moon, the sun and all the way back"
little bb: "me too"
little bb: "if i go to the moon and no come back, you sad?"
me: "oh yes dear....  i will be very very sad...  i will be heart-broken"
little bb: "why?"
me: "cuz i won't see you"

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