Sunday, November 16, 2014

his letter to santa sent in august

going through the photos in my phone...
came across this set of photos taken back in august
just in time as christmas is just right around the corner.

this is his favorite little notebook (*ah-hem* favorite back then).
he would scribble on it before he went to bed.

that night,
he asked if i could help him write a letter to santa.
when i asked him what he would like me to write in the letter,
he said "i want cars"
how many?

of course, nothing comes free in this world,
he has to write 3 and CARS himself
and he has to sign the letter.

what are these?
"flowers for you mommy"

who's that?

and i must say i was presently surprised when i saw this drawing at the top...
"a butterfly"
i haven't showed him how to draw one myself...
good job, little bb

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