Monday, November 24, 2014

heaven and earth

sunday morning,
the first thing that came out from his mouth was something related to death.

with his sleepy eyes, 
he uttered something about somotu younger brother's dog which has passed away awhile ago...

then one thing led to another,
i found myself talking about heaven and death with little bb.

i couldn't recall our conversation line by line...
to the best of my recollection:

"what is heaven mami?"
heaven is a peaceful and quiet place where people spend their time with God.

people get old and one day, they will have to leave this world.
and some get sick before they get old, they too, may leave this world.

i don't know why i said this but i did:
and one day, mami will have to leave this world.  you will still be around.
but mami will be watching you, protecting you from above.

"why mami?"
one day mami will get old and i won't be able to stay in this world with you anymore.

"what is get old?"
when you have your birthday every year, you grow one year older.

"why not stay here?"
because our bodies get old too... and one day, they will stop working.  that's why we should eat healthy to keep our body working...
(trying to slip in these concepts about staying healthy...)

next thing i know, his face started to turn pale.  his lips shivered.
"what i do mami?"

then i realized maybe i have said too much....

"i am scared mami"
what are you scared of?
"i am alone"
dear, you won't be alone.  you will have your friends, you may have your own family.
you may have a wife and have children.....

"what is wife?"
mami is daddy's wife....

almost crying he said, "but mami, i am scared..."
"i am scared i don't see you"

come dear, mami hug hug...

then i said to him,
that's more the reason why we should love, care and be kind to one another,
especially people we really care 
while we can still spend time with them.

don't do or say things that make others sad.

mami loves loves loves you.

it wasn't exactly the nicest way to start a sunday morning.
and it took me quite by surprise that he was quite engaged in the conversation...
i should think of a better way to explain these things to him.

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