Friday, October 31, 2014

spooky boo!

i think this will become our little tradition
last year was our first time carving pumpkins...

this year, i couldn't find the same size
and instead got two mini ones

they turned out to be just right
for little bb's little hands to help the carving

and i think they looked cuter...

next year, we should try getting an army of them!

Monday, October 27, 2014

thank you

thank you
for telling me that you miss me
for telling me that you are happy when you see me
for telling me that when i am happy you are happy
for telling me that when i am sad you are sad too
for sharing your little secrets* with me
for making me feel loved by patting my back and asked whether my back still hurts
for giving me heartwarming feeling by brushing my hair away from my face
for spotting and kissing the cut and bruise on my hand
for saving your little piece of cookie for me
for giving me "a show" of your little dancing toes
for passing me all your boogies *laugh*
for still letting me carry you like a little teddy bear right out from your shower
for hugging and kissing brownie and sugar like i do
for your phone calls during the day
for begging me to forgive your little mischievous acts
for your cheeky smiles
for inventing your silly bedtime games**
for making me play like a 4 year old
for making me laugh like a child

for giving me the reason to become a better person

happy birthday little bb

* the latest secret is....
"i want three cars from santa for christmas this year"
i love it how you came close to my ears, brushed away my hair and whispered your secret into my ears.

** the latest bedtime game is....
making me sit on the edge of our bed, sitting on my lap and rolling over together..
you have the biggest and happiest laugh... and your eyes sparkle.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


監製:黃艾倫 / 翁瑋盈
my recent favorite song

青春不可一世 太多太多未知
青春應該轟烈 不怕流血不止
青春只得一次 你知我知 現在就改寫歷史
青春不可荒廢 再荒廢無藥醫
使出我真本事 越挫越勇 用盡力向高峰衝刺
咬住我宗旨(中指)I’ll show you
我最怕一味等 我最怕一味等
冇嘢發生 我最怕一味等
我最怕一味一個人 得一個人
一味努力 但你都冇幫襯
日日係咁忍忍忍忍 你要知道人越急
忍忍忍忍忍耐 越難渡過今日
日日在等等盆桔 哎
我最怕一味等 我最怕一味等
冇嘢發生 我最怕一味等
我最怕機會不降臨 不肯降臨
一味努力 但我不再興奮
我最怕一味等 我最怕一味等
冇嘢發生 我最怕一味等
我最怕一味等 我最怕一味等
冇嘢發生 我最怕一味等
等呀等 等呀等 呆呆等大運
等呀等 等呀等 誰人可甘心
講我知 講我知 何時先可 給我一句
有就有 冇就冇 我怕等

Monday, October 20, 2014

Saturday, October 18, 2014


please stay intact (at least) till the party ends...

Friday, October 17, 2014

keep practicing!

practicing his backward swizzle

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