Thursday, September 4, 2014

funny night

for whatever reason,
little bb becomes very fond of this bag of bits and bobs of mine
in the bag, there are vintage plastic flowers, czech glass beads, faux pearls, other plastic flowers, etc, etc

and even funnier is how he took them as buttons...
for almost every night this week, he has been asking me to show him how to use these *buttons*

coming home earlier tonight,
we sat down to sew.

didn't really think that he would be interested..
but he did!

he first measured the diameter of the button,
then cut through a fabric swatch to make a button hole.
i did the first couple of stitches to fix the button and
to show him how to sew.
and he did the rest of the sewing by himself.

he spent a good few minutes sitting quietly putting the button in and out of the button hole..

not bad as your first sewing project!


told by our helper:

the weather was a bit foggy late afternoon
looking through the window,
little bb thought it was raining...
and our helper played along.

with a worried voice,
he said daddy and mami didn't have umbrellas with them...
what to do?

then he remembered that daddy was driving today
so he told our helper that daddy would be fine because daddy is driving today
oh but mami didn't have umbrella....  mami all wet!

our helper tried to comfort him, telling him that i might have an umbrella in the office...
but with a firm voice, 
little bb said mami really didn't bring an umbrella...
mami all wet.....



Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

That is so cute! I love that you even posted a video of it:) I hope he'll continue to stay as interested and creative. You could make some great things together:D

aileen ♥ motu said...

yes yes i hope so too! would be cool if he and i could make a backpack together!