Wednesday, September 24, 2014


things we have been doing while waiting for the school bus in the morning:
* play hide and seek
* "mami you catch me" and off he runs (poor me, running in high heels *laugh*)
* watch ants
* watch birdies
* pick fallen flowers

these are the two which he asked me "to protect them" when he had to get on the bus...

somotu asked why am i keeping them.
he trusted me with his "treasures"

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Sunday, September 21, 2014

happy sunday

they just need:
... bubbles
... balloons
... a playground

and they can last for hours and hours

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Friday, September 19, 2014

be kind to them, be kind to ourselves

just came across this     

thanks to the writer

for reminding me of the basics.

Tell your child:
1. I love you.
2. I love you no matter what.
3. I love you even when you are angry at me.
4. I love you even when I am angry with you.
5. I love you when you are far way.  My love for you can reach you wherever you are.
6. If I could pick any 4 year old (5 year old, 6 year old…) in the whole wide world, I’d pick you.
7. I love you to the moon and then around the stars and back again.
8. Thank you.
9. I enjoyed playing with you today.
10. My favorite part of the day was when I was with you and we _______.
11. The story of their birth or adoption.
12. About how you cuddled them when they were a baby.
13. The story of their name.
14. A story about yourself when you were their age.
15. The story of how their grandparents met.
16. What your favorite color is.
17. That sometimes you struggle too.
18. That when you’re holding hands and you give three squeezes, it’s a secret code that means, “I love you”.
19. What the plan is.
20. What you’re doing right now.
21. Charades
22. Hop Scotch
23. Board Games
24. Hide & Seek
25. Simon Says
26. Twenty Questions
27. I Spy on long car rides
28. Catch
29. To catch their kiss and put it on your cheek.
30. That their tickle tank is empty and you have to fill it.
31. That their high five is so powerful it nearly knocks you over.
32. That you are super ticklish.
33. That you are explorers in the amazing world of your own backyard.
34. That it’s party day!
35. To get enough sleep.
36. To drink enough water.
37. To eat decent food.
38. Dressing in a way that makes you feel confident and comfortable.
39. Calling a friend the next time you feel like you are about to lose it with the kids.
40. Giving a gentle touch to show approval.
41. Dancing in the kitchen.
42. To get your kids to bop to the music with you in the car.
43. Showing your kids that you can do a somersault or handstand or a cartwheel.
44. Keeping the sigh to yourself.
45. Using a kind voice, even if you have to fake it.
46. A book of silly poems.
47. A story and then act out the plot.
48. Your favorite childhood book to them.
49. When the afternoon is starting to go astray.
50. Outside under a tree.
51. In the library kids corner.
52. The comic book they love that you’re not so hot on.
53. About age appropriate behavior so you can keep your expectations realistic.
54. To your child in the car.
55. To silly songs together.
56. For that question that means your child really needs your input.
57. One second longer than you think you have patience for.
58. For the feelings behind your child’s words.
59. Why do you think that happens?
60. What do you think would happen if______?
61. How shall we find out?
62. What are you thinking about?
63. What was your favorite part of the day?
64. What do you think this tastes like?
65. Your child how to do something instead of banning them from it.
66. How to whistle with a blade of grass.
67. How to shuffle cards- make a bridge if you can!
68. How to cut food.
69. How to fold laundry.
70. How to look up information when you don’t know the answer.
71. Affection to your spouse.
72. That taking care of yourself is important.
Take Time:
73. To watch construction sites.
74. To look at the birds.
75. To let your child pour ingredients into the bowl.
76. To walk places together.
77. To dig in the dirt together.
78. To do a task at your child’s pace.
79. To just sit with your child while they play.
80. That your child is capable.
81. That you are the right parent for your child.
82. That you are enough.
83. That you can do what is right for your family.
84. Clean your child’s room as a surprise.
85. Put chocolate chips in the pancakes.
86. Put a love note in their lunch.
87. Make their snack into a smiley face shape.
88. Make sound effects while you help them do something.
89. Sit on the floor with them to play.
Let Go:
90. Of the guilt.
91. Of how you thought it was going to be.
92. Of your need to be right.
93. A kind look.
94. A smile when your child walks into the room.
95. A kind touch back when your child touches you.
96. The chance to connect before you correct so that your child can actually hear your words.
97. Your child a chance to work out their frustrations before helping them.
98. A bath when the day feels long.
99. A hug.

100. You get to choose the next one!  What is your favorite way to be kind to your child?


thinking about it,
the above can be used on our other halves too *smile*

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

my marie antoinette

inspired by the queen's dresses in sofia coppola's movie
it's not so much about the movie that i like
it's the dresses and the music...
especially the ones by the radio dept..

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

cuddling up on a typhoon no.8 morning

we all stayed home for most of the morning due to typhoon signal no.8 being hoisted...
had macaroni with ham and sweet corn for breakfast,
followed by some lego building,
a few pages of home assignment,
the gruffalo card games...
then he started asking me to take pictures of him and brownie & sugar.....

Monday, September 15, 2014

sunday morning

back to one of his many favorite spots...
catch me if you can....

 photo catchme.gif

(possibly) the best place for playing hide and seek!

giant lanterns
still around after mid-autumn festival...
though the boys weren't too keen about them...


seeing this huge star fruit lantern,
recalled something funny ...

grandma gave him a star fruit shaped lantern this year
and i guess we all just assumed that he knew what kind of fruit it was...

when we brought it to our mid-autumn festival dinner at his godmother's place,
he called it a 瓜  (a melon)
and we all just laughed...

at least he wasn't too far off... in terms of the shape,
it does look like a melon.

the junk boat.... and the kids
and the morning was wrapped up with this must-have for little bb...
he promised us that it wouldn't ruin his appetite for lunch...
and he did keep his promise!

it was rather a spontaneous get-together with my godchildren
we had some good fun chasing and running along the harbor...
wish we could do this kind of unplanned play date more often.


saw the ferris wheel across the harbor
it looked quite small next to the skycrapers...

a carousel would be more appealing *smile*
i am missing this one...
wish we could have a proper and pretty one in town..



Sunday, September 14, 2014

his 3D pineapple

he loves drawing and painting on canvas

his current project is about caveman....
can't wait to see his piece of "stone" and painting

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Thursday, September 11, 2014

my little bouquet

made it for awhile already
but still haven't found a perfect use of it.......

until the other day...
it must be the long-lost bouquet of this lady *smile*

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Thursday, September 4, 2014

funny night

for whatever reason,
little bb becomes very fond of this bag of bits and bobs of mine
in the bag, there are vintage plastic flowers, czech glass beads, faux pearls, other plastic flowers, etc, etc

and even funnier is how he took them as buttons...
for almost every night this week, he has been asking me to show him how to use these *buttons*

coming home earlier tonight,
we sat down to sew.

didn't really think that he would be interested..
but he did!

he first measured the diameter of the button,
then cut through a fabric swatch to make a button hole.
i did the first couple of stitches to fix the button and
to show him how to sew.
and he did the rest of the sewing by himself.

he spent a good few minutes sitting quietly putting the button in and out of the button hole..

not bad as your first sewing project!


told by our helper:

the weather was a bit foggy late afternoon
looking through the window,
little bb thought it was raining...
and our helper played along.

with a worried voice,
he said daddy and mami didn't have umbrellas with them...
what to do?

then he remembered that daddy was driving today
so he told our helper that daddy would be fine because daddy is driving today
oh but mami didn't have umbrella....  mami all wet!

our helper tried to comfort him, telling him that i might have an umbrella in the office...
but with a firm voice, 
little bb said mami really didn't bring an umbrella...
mami all wet.....


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

the last time

came home weary after a long and not-so-smooth day at work...
still recovering from the flu 
instead of some quiet times to wind down
found ourselves handling yet another *terrible three terrible four yr old* situation...

by the time little bb and i laid down on bed for the night...
things were cool,  we have sorted out the situation
he asked if he could sleep in my arms for a little while...
instead of insisting him staying in his bed,
i let him crawled to ours and held him tight
until he finally fell asleep...

when i got up later to do some reading
i came across this article
an article that almost brought tears to my eyes...

*The Last Time*

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

2nd day of K2

one of his must-do things while waiting for the school bus....
finding birdies

didn't notice he did it again until when we were waiting for the bus...
he just likes slipping in smirky things every now and then........