Wednesday, August 6, 2014


before the summer vacation started,
i panicked.
1.5 months!  
somotu and i couldn't take that many days off from work...
how would little bb spend the summer?

now, we are half way through...
and gosh,
the days are going by so quickly that i am starting to panic again!

there are so many things i want to do and see with him...
chinese characters that i would like him to learn...
and more importantly,
things i want to show and teach him.
like making his bed after he wakes up,
folding his clothes after he has taken them off,
helping out more around the house,
showering himself....
but there never seem to be enough time to do all...

i still have the vivid memory of my younger niece.
one summer, she flew from the states to stay with us during summer.
she was around 3 years old
but was already totally capable of taking care of herself.
in morning, she would make the bed neatly all by herself.
she helped out around the house during the day...
she was polite and has good manners...
we were all so impressed with her.

little bb needs to work very hard to get close to what my niece was like when she was his age.
we shall keep trying and never never give up (just like one of the songs of thomas).

in the past few weeks,
little bb has learned how to make his bed, fold his clothes and vacuum the floor.
one thing i didn't know was that he indeed has been helping out with hanging the laundry out to dry....
but only limited to his own clothes *laugh*  we need to work on this one.

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