Wednesday, August 13, 2014

the phone calls

the days have come.....

the days of getting phone calls from home....

i have seen and heard such phone calls received by my colleagues....
and finally,
it's my turn.

first, a call a week on average
then, a call twice a week
perhaps very soon, it will become a call a day
then, a call every few hours.... (though i am not sure if i can handle such frequency!)

but i am secretly happy
and secretly longing to receive these calls.

they are like my coffee breaks during the day,
they give me the best excuse to step away from my desk,
they are like a fresh breeze,
they remind me of what's important to me,
they remind me of why i am where i am,
they make most (if not all) of the problems at work become dust in the galaxy.

it first started with little bb asking our nanny to call my cell phone...
to now, he picks up the phone and call me himself.

his high pitched voice comes through really really adorable and cute..
his sentence structures and vocab used make me crack out loud...

one day,
i picked up the phone and all i could hear was sobbing....
"mami... ma...#*$^@(#$&@($&"
yes dear?
"#*)@&$#($*&" wooo wooo wooo
nanny's voice at the back: "his balloon has popped!"
"mami, why why?"
and apparently no one was listening to what i have to say at all....
it was like eavesdropping little bb and my nanny *laugh*
after some back and forth.... 
i heard nanny saying, "i will blow another one for you"
little bb said firmly and sadly to her, "but you have no air!!"
nanny's voice from the back, "fine, you ask your daddy then.  but you will have to wait till daddy comes home!!!"
at this point, i couldn't hold my laughter anymore
and burst out loud.

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