Thursday, August 28, 2014

sometimes, you can only laugh

who are you?
"i am darth vader!'
oh my!
"no i am baby darth vader!"


"i am hulk"
oh dear!
"why mami, why you don't like hulk"
he is green and big... like a monster
...  pointing at the bamboo leaves ...
"look mami, these are green too!
but they are not scary!"


what do you want to be when you grow up?
.... silence ....
"no no no, i want to be hulk!"
why do you want to be hulk???
"because i want to be hulk!"
okay, but mami is scared of hulk...
"i will hold you really tight and you run away!"
.... scratching my head....
how can mami run away when you are holding me really tight?
mami is still very scared...
"ok, i will take off the helmut"
but hulk doesn't wear helmut...
he wears nothing but ripped off pants...
.... silence ....
"why mami?  yucky!  dirty!"
yes, that's why mami doesn't like hulk.
"then i am baby hulk!"


and today is his K2 orientation...
he was the only one in class that didn't want to introduce himself and held his head down...
after some mingling, time in the playground
he was running around, chasing his old classmates end to end
ignoring me..  like i was invisible.

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