Monday, August 18, 2014


the clock starts ticking...

this friday, it will be ready!

the one and only scent that i would wear is vanille from laura mercier
but ever since they changed the formula,
it's been difficult to find a replacement....

i read about this brand here
and thought would give it a try.

i went to the shop looking for the one i read about
but ended up getting a different one.

it's interesting how they mix and ready the fragrance in front of you...
and personalize the label...
the only thing is i wish i didn't have to wait for five days before i can use it.
they said it takes about five days for it to settle and to bring out the scent....

it was equally interesting reading the label:
"avoid spraying in the eyes even though love is blind.
in case you insist in doing so,
you should be getting help"

yes, love is blind.

and i am already missing rose 31 
i won't be surprised if i find myself back to the shop soon....

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