Tuesday, August 5, 2014

his artscape journey

last friday night
we attended the opening ceremony of an art exhibition at the hong kong arts centre.
the exhibition was organized by the centre where little bb has been taking art classes for the past two years.
this year, we were asked if we would like to have andre's work included.

there were a few pieces by little bb.
i must say they are far from being anything artistic or beautifully drawn.
nonetheless, i think it is an interesting, fun and eye opening experience for him.
at least he could see that for his artwork are not limited to being "displayed" at home...

the reason why i insisted to stick with this centre for the past two years 
is that it really allows kids to be creative and learn to be appreciative of other people's artwork and life,
and most importantly the process of creation.

kids are not asked to produce same versions of a chosen work.
drawing skills are not the focus.
rather, they are presented with different materials, books, photographs 
and are encouraged to work on their own work on the theme chosen.
and be creative.

in the piece above, the theme was about life and growth.
kids were shown different type of seeds to feel the texture and examine the difference,
different pictures and books about plants.
they were then asked to think and create their own drawing showing different stages of the seed,
how it grow and the fruit that will grow out...
when asked what was growing from his seeds, watermelon and strawberries were what he told the teacher *laugh*
the lines were rain as he explained that the seeds need water to grow.

in the piece above, the theme was about gardens.
kids were asked to design their own garden after being shown pictures of different gardens around the world and read books about designing a garden.
little bb told me in his garden, there is a pond with fish
and there are flowers and apple trees on the greens.

we were very excited that my godson and goddaughter came too!
it was such a great evening.
thank you!


quitur said...

I do think the childs’ works on the wall are adorable....the lines, patterns formed, colours...even it's a glimpse,they look artistic, like little masters’ works..

why is little bb’s smile so quirky in one of the photos?(laugh )

the lace blouse you wear is beautiful ..pretty mama ^_^

aileen ♥ motu said...

thx thx....

oh his smile... his signature cheeky smile! nowadays this is what he gives us when we ask him to pose for the camera! *laugh*