Monday, August 11, 2014


i was flipping through the pictures in my phone and came across these....
these were taken awhile back
during one of the trips to the science and technology park

we spent some fun time hunting for fallen flowers for the chinese homework assignment of the week
and were lucky to have picked up a few along the way...
the best find was a tiny dandelion
it was so delicate,
we used a piece of tissue paper to protect it from the summer breeze
little bb would cry for help every time he felt the breeze on his face...
worrying that the dandelion would be blown apart.
we were fortunate that it stayed, largely, intact and made it to his little workbook

at the time, little bb wasn't really able to draw a flower...
he could only doodle a lookalike....  the green circle with curly shapes around it.

i enjoy doing this kind of experience based learning with little bb alot...

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