Thursday, August 14, 2014

his 5th cooking class

it was placed on a paper plate inside a plastic bag
i saw it on the dinning table by the time i got home...

honestly, i didn't know what it was...
it didn't look like anything at all
other than it is obvious that it has been crashed, smashed... 

i asked little bb what it was...
and he told me, "don't know mami"

i examined it a bit more and it appeared to be some sort of a sponge cake
with a blueberry and strawberry...

so i tried again, and asked him bit by bit...

what is that thing dark blue in color?

did you have to mix things together to make this?
"............."  silence

what is that red thing over here?
"don't know mami"






ok, so i flipped it over to show him the side with strawberry seeds

oh my, don't tell me you spent the whole morning baking 
but didn't know what you made!???
he laughed and dashed off!
i can only laugh


Momopodo said...

i love reading about your life with little bb!! so cute!!!

aileen ♥ motu said...

thanks for stopping by.... ^_^