Monday, August 18, 2014


an interesting read here 

some good ones:

3) Don’t Read To Your Kids, Read With Them

Call attention to the words. Read with them, not to them.

5) IQ Isn’t Worth Much Without Self-Discipline

Self-discipline beats IQ at predicting who will be successful in life.

6) Learning Is An Active Process

Baby Einstein and braintraining games don’t work.
In fact, there’s reason to believe they make kids dumber.

7) Treats Can Be A Good Thing — At The Right Time

Research shows caffeine and sugar can be brain boosters.  So if kids are going to occasionally eat candy and soda maybe it’s better to give it to them while they study then when they’re relaxing.

10) Believe In Them

Believing your kid is smarter than average makes a difference.


at the end of the day:

"Intelligence isn’t everything. Without ethics and empathy really smart people can be scary."

look at the place we live in right now,
we can definitely use more "ethics and empathy"...
they might this place a bit better....

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