Monday, July 7, 2014

mission accomplished

i have wanted to make a bag for little bb to bring to his english class for a long while.
weeks came and gone
but i never managed to even start picking the fabrics, the design and coordination.

yesterday, one of the quieter sunday afternoons,
i made myself drop everything else and start working on it.

i could only steal time when little bb was asleep.
so i started when he took his afternoon nap.
took the measurements, sewn the inner and outer pieces,
sewn the little pocket to be added to the inner layer.

just when i was about to move on to the design of the outer layer,
little bb and somotu woke up from their nap
and we had to leave for dinner.

i picked up where i left off very late that night..
drew and cut off the cityscape silhouette, the moon, the clouds...
positioned them together with the superboy iron on
before sewing...

at around 2:18am, it was done!

i could have waited till the following night to finish it
but i really wanted little bb to be able to use it for his monday english class.
it's been a long long time since i last made things for little bb....
i really wanted to finish the bag.

this morning, i showed him the bag
do you like it?
"yes mommy!!"

when i went home tonight,
did you tell the teacher about the bag?
what did she say?


i will be leaving the sewing machine on my work table so that i will have no excuse 
not to work on my other projects!

here, our friend leon making himself comfortable.....

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