Wednesday, July 23, 2014

qq balls

guess what this is?

~ no

~ no, no

~ no, no, no

who made this?

~ no

~ impossible

~ hahahaha


no no no
made by little bb in his cooking class today!

he remembered to save one for me....
it's 9 minutes past midnight right now.

and it's only 2 minutes ago that i finally ate the qq ball.

it's too cute to be eaten...
and knowing it was made by little bb....  i wish i could keep it as it is forever!

yes i know, i am a crazy mama....

he was also given a recipe...
too bad we don't have an oven....

today's his second cooking class and i am glad that he did bring what he made back home for us.
in his first class last week, he didn't.
he told me he made pancakes and ate them all!

i can't wait till next week to see what he has for us!

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